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Everything Kitchens Hones E-Commerce, Inventory

When Emily Church began thinking about the concept behind her Springfield, MO-based brand, Everything Kitchens, she started with what she knew best — food and online retailing.

“I cooked a lot growing up,” she said. “I am the oldest of nine kids and cooked a lot for my family and we made everything from scratch. We would do bread, butter, cheese — we made everything constantly — so I knew that aspect of the business very well. And I had helped some family members with running an online business, so I knew just enough about e-commerce from that business.”

Little did she know, that Everything Kitchens, which was started in 2002, would become a successful online independent gourmet retailer, even if she couldn’t see it at the time.

“I honestly did not have strong plans for growth at the time,” Church said when reminiscing about her beginning days. “My intention initially was to have an income and more time with my newborn baby. The market had other plans, and nearly everything we did took off.”

She explained, at first, she was playing catch-up but it was when she finally was able to get ahead of the curve, she realized Everything Kitchens needed to differentiate itself, especially online. Church said she began to put some parameters into place for growth, including benchmarks and other strategies that would help take her business to the next level. One of these, and perhaps the key to her success, is the amount of information and branding she puts into her online business, including video demonstrations, recipes and how-to guides.

“We were trying to address something that was lacking in the e-commerce world and the fact that there is not a lot of depth of content,” Church explained. “We felt if someone is coming to Everything Kitchens, they really like to cook or bake, which is why they are coming to a more niche site.”

Read the rest of Church’s story in the September/October 2020 edition of GOURMET INSIDER®.

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