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Ettiene Market Speaks On The Importance Of Pop-Up Shops

Coryanne Ettiene, owner of McKinney, TX-based Ettienne Market is taking her shop on the road, gearing up for a pop-up shop experience outside of her store’s four walls.

Ettiene is opening a pop-up shop at the 2018 Round Top Antiques Fair held in Round Top, TX, scheduled to be held April 2 to 7. The fair, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is known as one of the country’s largest and most renowned antiques shows. It attracts thousands of shoppers and this year, they will have the opportunity to visit Ettiene Market’s pop-up shop.

While independent gourmet store owners are used to playing host to the pop-up shops of local artisans or food companies, Ettiene noted that taking your shop on the road provides retailers with other unique opportunities. Not only does it expand the brand’s reach and the potential customer pool, it also can give retailers the opportunity to dabble into other product avenues that they would like to test out with their clientele as well.

Ettiene speaks to GOURMET INSIDER® about why she chose Round Top, what she plans to sell there and how she plans on spreading the word.

Gourmet Insider: What do you plan to sell at the pop-up shop?

Coryanne Ettiene: Our Round Top location will be a near duplicate of our McKinney location, but will also carry elements for kitchen living like kitchen rugs, framed prints and vintage kitchen furniture to appeal to the Round Top shopper. There currently is not a kitchen store in Round Top so we are trying to stock our pop-up with local Round Top residents in mind, but also speak to the thousands of visiting shoppers who are on the hunt for more lifestyle pieces to add to their kitchen.

GI: Why did you decide to go to Round Top?

CE: Round Top is one of my favorite destinations in Texas. I’ve written about it for a few publications so it is a natural fit that our first big move would be to Round Top. However, we are also very aware that a great deal of our online shoppers who visit us from Texas live within driving distance of Round Top, so the location ended up working for us on both a personal and a business level.

GI: How will you market your presence there?

CE: We are thrilled to be featured in the Round Top Register and Both advertising features will carry a quarter page ad announcing the dates of our pop-up. We are also busy having signs made for our parking lot to attract passing traffic and will be doing a big push on social media to announce our presence. Luckily, Round Top is a fairly small community most of the year and we are already getting calls about our opening date thanks to how quickly word is spreading.


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