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Espro To Debut Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Espro, a division of Regal Ware, will unveil the new Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign later this spring.

The Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer, said the brand, features a 1,502-hole microfilter, deep brew bed and unique Espro paper filters, all designed to saturate all the grounds evenly. This technique is said to create a balanced extraction and brew exceptional flavor with every cup, at home or in the great outdoors in about two minutes.

“Pour over coffee makers are challenging to use, even for professionals, because if you don’t get the technique just right, there are big flavor consequences. We wanted to create a pour over brewer that helps them brew a more balanced, delicious cup, every time,” said Bruce Constantine, president of Espro.

The Bloom Pour Over coffee brewer is also slated to be used in cafes in North America, upon release.

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