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Epicurious Names Nordic Ware Sheet Pan Tops

Epicurious has dubbed Nordic Ware’s Natural Aluminum half sheet pan its “favorite sheet pan” in a test of several brands.

According to the media outlet, sheet pans were put through several tests, including making thin sugar cookies, focaccia and spiced and oiled broccoli and cauliflower. Each test varied in temperature and time. Epicurious then compared how fast the food cooked on the various trays; whether the trays warped at high temperatures; and which remained hot after coming out of the oven, it said.

Nordic Ware‘s natural aluminum half sheet pan, said Epicurious, is weighty and doesn’t warp at high heats. It conducts heats efficiently, which means food cooks evenly and the pan itself warms up and cools down quickly, said the media outlet. Additionally, its light color makes it less likely to produce too-dark cookies or cakes, yet its thickness and sturdiness can turn out crispy, well-risen crusts, said Epicurious.



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