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Dreamfarm Offers Support To Independent Market

As COVID-19 continues to hit the independent housewares industry hard, vendors continue to find ways to support the segment. To this, Dreamfarm has put several new plans in place which are intended to help ease the financial burden.

According to the company, it is coordinating a new drop ship program. Retailers should send Dreamfarm orders and the company will drop ship at wholesale prices. It is designed for retailers who can still take orders but are facing closures in either their storefront or warehouse are closed. There is a $2 charge per order, drop ship fee and a $7 flat shipping charge.

Dreamfarm is also providing a retailer credit program. Retailers are instructed to give customers the unique retailer code assigned to them and send customers to Dreamfarm’s website for purchasing. At checkout, the customer can put the code in for 10% off their purchase, and the retailer will receive a 20% credit. All credits totaling more than $1,000 will be paid instantly; lesser amounts will be paid out on June 30.

And, to help with marketing needs during this time, the company has put together a social media package for its retail partners. The package includes a weekly supply of 10 new Instagram-worthy photos for retail use and also gives suggested captions and hashtags.

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