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DKB Spices Up Zyliss Kitchenware Brand

There’s a fresh new look to the Zyliss kitchenware brand. DKB Household has redesigned the brand’s products and packaging.

According to the company, the brand redesign will include the enhancement of over 20 key SKUs, as well as new packaging to complement the updated products. DKB stated that the new packaging design will highlight the simplicity and ergonomic features of the kitchenware to help it stand out at retail point of purchase.

Some of the company’s latest tools include the 2-in-1 Pepper Corer, Twist & Scoop Grapefruit Tool and Easy Squeeze Citrus Press, all of which reflect the redesign.

DKB said that the packaging redesign is designed to improve the on-pack communications of key selling points. The company is approaching the new packaging with what it is calling a “Designed to Delight” principle that puts emphasis on product design from the ergonomics to the function of each kitchen tool.

“Retailing is getting ever more competitive and brand stand out at point of purchase has never been more important. We have been working hard to implement as clean a transition as we can, and with that said all 150 plus SKU’s in the assortment have had the artwork updated,” said Grant Race, director of marketing at Zyliss for DKB.

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