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Dexas Launches Italian Pastry Tools Line In U.S.

Dexas International is collaborating with Ghidini Cipriano in Italy, to distribute Master Chef Iginio Massari’s line of pastry tools, “La Pasticceria di Precisione,” in the United States. The company will be debuting the line at the International Home + Housewares Show, here.

“The great chefs of Italy have provided all of us with vivid food memories and sensory experiences,” said Jeff Logan, director of marketing, Dexas. “And there is no finer pastry artisan in the world than Chef Massari. He sets the standard in creating the world’s most delectable and beautiful creations.”

The company will make available 20 of the most popular pastry chef’s tools from Massari’s “La Pasticceria di Precisione” line, including:

•Frustina/Spring-Whip – a silicone ball spins inside the whip and acts as a force multiplier. Coiled spring whisk structure increases contact area with ingredients.

•Bastardelle/Mixing Bowls – Deep, curved bowls made with brushed and polished stainless steel, complete with rubber-edged base that creates ideal mixing angles with stability.

•Bicicletta/Expandable Pastry Cutter – used in most restaurants and pastry schools, this precise, expandable set of 5 pastry-cutting wheels delivers outstanding uniformity and professional results.

•Mandolina/Mandolin Slicer – 6 stainless steel blades deliver a wide variety of fruit and vegetable preparation, including julienne, cubes, diamonds, wavy and waffle slices.

•Spatole/Spatula – the pastry artist’s main tool, long and flexible stainless improves the precision of filling creams, finishing tarts and spreading uniform layers of chocolate, fruit fillings and meringue.

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