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Dexas Expands Ice-ology Clear Ice Maker Set

Dexas has added a four count tray to its recently launched Ice-ology clear ice maker set. The four count tray joins the line’s two count cube, large two count sphere and eight cube tray.

According to the company, the new clear ice maker set is designed to provide consumers with an elevated cocktail experience at home. The system makes a clear ice cube or sphere to control both temperature and dilution. The system can be filled with water and placed in a freezer for 12 hours.

The new four count tray has a suggested retail price of $59.99 and is expected to ship mid-August. The other pieces have a suggested retail price of $39.99 for the large two cubes and two spheres and $49.99 for the eight-count cubes tray and are shipping now.


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