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Retailers continue to find cutlery to be a lucrative and important category. Many reported the category was up, with a 2.9% increase in sales overall.

This year, there has been a shift in reassessing cutlery to better fit their customers’ needs. Many stated that they were editing cutlery selections and welcoming new brands.

Today’s gourmet housewares customer is discerning when it comes to where they are spending their money and views the purchase of cutlery as an investment. And with that, education plays a stronger role more than ever to make the sale. This response to an increased consumer demand for cutlery, especially quality cutlery, has also prompted retailers to enhance the education they provide to customers about cutlery. With that said, retailers stated that they have increased their knife skills classes and are making more of an effort to have demonstrations available for customers so that they can try the knives before purchasing.

In addition, maintaining knives for longtime use is another important factor that retailers are addressing with cutlery sales.

Many gourmet insiders have reported that they have seen sales of sharpening products increase, as well as the desire for and use of in-store knife sharpening services. With that said, many retailers have reported adding this service for their customers, which has also boosted repeat store visits and brought in new customers.

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