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The Cupboard’s Ginger Cobl Talks Visiting The Revol Factory

For a Francophile such as Ginger Cobl, owner of The Cupboard, a gourmet kitchenware store in Decatur, AL, a trip to France was a lifelong dream for her and her husband.

“I’ve always had this urge to go to France. Plus, we carry so many French products here in the store in addition to Revol, such as Staub and Silpat, I just needed to make this trip happen,” she said.

Cobl has been a fan of Revol, the French porcelain cookware and bakeware manufacturer, for quite some time and uses their items regularly in her home kitchen. She also stocks a large assortment in the store and is eager to share her enthusiasm for the brand with customers.

With that said, the couple decided to make that dream come true and take a trip to France. The icing on the cake, she said, was the opportunity to visit the Revol factory located in Saint-Uze.

“Touring Revol was unbelievable. I’ve always been amazed that here is a cookware and bakeware company that started in 1768. It is still family owned and operated and has been able to, as need be, reinvent themselves to remain relevant in the marketplace. However, I admire how the company has still remained true to what they started out doing, and that is to make bakeware,” she said.

One of the highlights from the tour, explained Cobl, was being able to watch first-hand as factory workers poured the molds for Revol’s Lion Head soup bowls — one of her favorite pieces, she said.

“The Lion Head bowl… is great for French onion soup or rice pudding with caramel. Watching them pour the porcelain slip into the mold and being able to see them open the mold and remove the bowl from the mold was priceless,” she said.

Further, Cobl explained that all of Revol’s pieces are still hand-cleaned and so much of the process is all still done by hand before being placed on the conveyor belt and rolled into the kiln.

“This is what is so amazing about this company, some things have to be industrialized but they still have such a handmade process,” she stated.

And while Cobl enjoyed several other culinary inspirations while touring France, such as a visit to Julia Child’s apartment in Paris and a shopping trip to one of the oldest kitchenware stores in France, Cobl is excited to be able to share her Revol experience with her customers.

“Just getting to see the factory workers, meeting who made my soup bowl and getting to put a face to the products is wonderful. I’m thrilled to be able to show my customers that little glimpse of that story, like, ‘Here are pictures of the people that wear making what we are baking in, they are putting a little piece of their heart and soul into it’,” she stated.

And Cobl has observed, that by sharing the story and the history of the company with her customers, they, too, have become inspired.

“They tell me that they want to produce something wonderful in these items, something that will live up to the story,” she said.





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