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Coutelier Featured In Forbes

Coutelier, a kitchen shop with outposts in New Orleans, LA and Nashville, TN, was recently highlighted by Forbes as it pivoted its business model.

The online version of the brand discusses how co-owners Jacqueline Blanchard and Brandt Cox, who are also chefs, had to shift the business model of Coutelier after the stores were hit with a double whammy — a tornado in Nashville followed by shutting the stores due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

After getting some feedback from their customers and showcasing items together, Blanchard explained that she ended up dabbling in cookbooks and other kitchen accessories in order to give their customers an experience — even online or via social media.

“People get bored. They’re cooking the same things over and over again, myself included. It was an awesome opportunity to showcase some ideas: if you’re stuck at home, try this,” Blanchard told Forbes.

To read the story in its entirety, including more about the lessons the duo learned about brick-and-mortar business, click here.

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