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Cook’s Illustrated Highlights Spice Grinding Gadgets


Cook’s Illustrated recently selected its top gadgets for grinding fresh spices and dried chiles.

According to the magazine, while pre-ground spices may be convenient, their flavors fade fast. Therefore, the magazine suggested the following spice-grinding gadgets for prepping fresh spices:

Cole & Mason Derwent Gourmet Precision Pepper Mill: The magazine commented on the mill’s ease-of-use, clear markings to guide grind selection.

Microplane Spice Grinder: A modern twist on an old-style grater, this gadget has a slender, tightly curled, 5-inch-long grating surface that ensures safety and grinds quickly.

Krups Fast-Touch Coffee Mill, Model 203: The magazine revealed that it’s test kitchen’s standard for grinding spices is this blade-type electric coffee grinder, which is said handles fine-grinding of all sorts of whole spices.

Peugeot Daman U’Select Shaftless Pepper Mill: Cook’s Illustrated complimented the high-performing mill’s fast performance and since it has a center shaft and a magnetized lid, it said it is easy to refill.

Trudeau Easy Grind 61/2-Inch Pepper Mill: This crank-style mill has an easy-to-grip handle that was able to grind pepper rapidly.

Frieling “Goliath” Mortar And Pestle Set: Cook’s pointed out the extra-tall sides of the granite mortar was helpful to keep food from escaping and its rough interior quickly reduced hard peppercorns to dust.

Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill: The magazine’s editors said that this mill has a generous capacity and a smooth operation.

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