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Cooks’ Emporium Reopens After Remodel

Cooks’ Emporium, located in Ames, IA, is officially back open for business, the store announced on its Facebook page. It will be hosting a grand reopening party on May 4 to mark the milestone.

“Back and open for business! A few moving boxes here and there, still missing some furniture and a front sign but ready to help with your kitchenware wants and needs,” the store posted.

According to an article in the Ames Tribune, new owner Mindy Bergstrom said that her focus was to make Cooks’ Emporium larger and brighter, while keeping some of the character of the space, like the wood flooring. She also expanded the kitchen in response to the desire of customers to have more hands-on style cooking classes.

“The demonstration kitchen probably increased about three times the size it previously was,” she said. “We heard from a lot of customers that they were looking for hands-on classes, and now we will be able to offer more hands-on workshops, demonstrations and some classes geared toward kids and teenagers.”

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