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Cooks’ Emporium Gets New Owner, Refreshed Business Plans

Cooks’ Emporium, an independent gourmet housewares store located in Ames, IA, has named a new owner. Mindy Bergstrom purchased the store late last month, according to Ames Tribune, a local media outlet. Bergstrom took over the store from Margaret Junkhan, who retired after 40 years in the business.

In addition to purchasing the business, Bergstrom is digging in to give the store a fresh business plan. She explained the store’s branding and marketing strategy will change to include a new social media presence and exclusive recipes made by food bloggers for the store. Bergstrom said she hopes to open an online store so customers can shop without having to be in the store.

She is also planning to give the store a facelift in 2019. Bergstrom said the interior will be gutted to make more space. She said she also plans to revamp the color scheme and build a brand new test kitchen.

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