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Cookie Cutters Make Serious Dough


No matter what the trend is in baking, there is one constant in the segment — cookie cutters. Retailers agree that cookie cutters are still a big seller for them and not just during the holiday season, but all year-round.

Sara Miskovic, proprietor of The Pan Handle, located in Granbury, TX, has an entire room full of cookie cutters and is constantly looking to add more to her collection.

“It just lights the face of a customer up when I have exactly the cookie cutter they were looking for,” she said. “Cookie cutters are fun and they can be used to decorate in so many ways.”

Mary Behrans, owner of Crystal Lake, IL-based Kitchen Outfitters, noted that she keeps a healthy stock of cookie cutters, too.

“We are always selling cookie cutters. They are huge throughout the entire year. They’re easy, they’re fun and people really love to use them for different occasions.”

Marilyn Alea, owner of Kitchen Store & More located in Eatonton, GA, said there is a cookie cutter that is making a splash with her customers — those that are shaped like dog bones.

“I really believe that people are making their own cookies and treats for their dogs and using that cookie cutter to do it,” she said. 

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