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Cook On Bay’s Jodi Campbell Says This Tactic Converts New Customers

A solo event, town event or a collaboration between an independent housewares store and another entity — be it another local business or a vendor — all have the potential to capture new customers and convert them to repeat customers. But how to grab the attention of those new customers may be tough.

However, Jodi Campbell, co-owner of Beaufort, SC-based Cook On Bay, said that her product mix has been one of the reasons she has gained so many new fans of her brick-and-mortar location and a small, but meaningful, tactic during her town’s First Friday events has helped pique the interest of new customers.

“We participate in First Fridays and I usually make a signature cocktail to help bring people through the door,” she said. “The event is usually so crowded that I am fully staffed, so I have people floating around.”

Campbell said that a must-do for her staff is to ensure that customers — especially those that pop in the store regularly – are aware of all the new product that has been put on the shelves in the last few weeks.

“When our customers come back, they want to know what’s new, so we point out all of the new products. Other people overhear it and know that [my store]is not just going to have stagnate merchandise,” she said.

Campbell noted that she has seen a healthy conversion of new faces to regular customers by using this tactic and it has helped to grow her year-old business.

“That excites people to come back and it gives them a reason to return,” she said.

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