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Cook On Bay Celebrates Second Anniversary

Beaufort, SC-based Cook On Bay is marking its second business anniversary. The store opened its doors in September 2017.

“Two years ago today, Cook On Bay first opened its doors. Thank you, Beaufort, for all your support,” was written on the store’s Facebook page.

The independent gourmet housewares store is owned by Jodi Campbell, who decided to open the store after moving to the area and realizing there wasn’t a housewares store. Her sister, Anne Willey, also has a hand in the business. It has been named to the “Best In Beaufort” list for the last two years as one of the best kitchen stores in the area.

Campbell said that one of her best tactics for getting first-time customers to become return customers is emphasizing her product mix.

“When our customers come back, they want to know what’s new, so we point out all of the new products. Other people overhear it and know that [my store]is not just going to have stagnate merchandise,” she said.

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