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Survey: Coffee At Home Preferred By Consumers

Nearly nine in 10 consumers make and drink their coffee at home, and a recent survey revealed that a majority want to do so more often.

A recent survey of 1,000 consumers conducted by Conagra Brands found that 89% of respondents get their coffee from home during an average week. Factors such as convenience (72%), money management (70%) and routine (67%) were cited by consumers as to why they consume brew at home.

While an overwhelming majority of consumers currently make their brews from the comfort of their home, the survey revealed additional selling opportunities for retailers who sell the good as well as coffee-making products.

In the survey, 68% of consumers said they would like to be able to create their favorite coffee-shop drinks at home. And 55% said they wish they made the beverage at home more often.

These two statistics appear to offer retailers an opportunity to engage with consumers to educate them about coffeemakers already on the market that brew specialty coffee while also showcasing the variety of electric and non-electric coffee-making products now available.

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