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Comax Flavors Releases 2017 Flavor Trends

Comax Flavors, a Melville, NY-based proprietary flavors technology company, has announced its picks for the top 2017 flavor trends. The company predicts that four unique flavor collections — floral-inspired flavors, flavorful spices, new textures and dimensional flavors, and nostalgic flavors — will be top of mind with consumers this year.

Flower Power: Floral flavors are popping up and making their way into food and beverages including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and dairy products such as yogurt and ice cream, the company said. Flavors in this group include blueberry hibiscus, orange blossom vanilla and raspberry lavender.

Fresh Spices: Driven by globalization and the growing multicultural population, spices that were once exotic and unfamiliar are becoming familiar and ubiquitous, Comax explained. The flavors can be used in multiple categories, such as coffee, tea, dairy, alcoholic beverages and beverage syrups. Flavors in this group include cinnamon caramel, cocoa curry and ginger mandarin cardamom.

Smoking Hot: Smoking is picking up steam in the barbecue section of the industry and, according to Comax flavor trends, smoking will be used on dairy, fruits, vegetables, desserts as well as in cocktails. In packaged foods, inspiration from smoked foods can be seen in unexpected applications such as beer, snacks and chewing gum, the company said. Flavors for this profile include blackberry BBQ, smoked tomato and torched vanilla.

Nostalgia Remix: Classic and nostalgic flavors are finding their way into new and unexpected applications. From root beer floats to grilled cheese, these flavors are getting a makeover as chefs and food and beverage manufacturers are experimenting with reinterpretations, according to the company.  Grilled cheese, milk and cookies and root beer marshmallow are predicted to be top flavors in this profile.

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