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Colombian-Made Coffee Maker Debuts Via Kickstarter Campaign

The FrankOne electric coffee maker has made its debut via a Kickstarter campaign. The new coffee maker was developed in collaboration between Amor Perfecto, a Colombia-based coffee roaster, and a local inventor.

According to the company, the brewer features a vacuum extraction technology that is able to make coffee, cold brew and espresso. This patent-pending brewing technology that uses a vacuum to force water through a bed of ground coffee. The result is an intense and sweet brew with properties and flavors, explained the company.

In addition, the new coffee maker is said to brew cold brew coffee in four minutes, compared to the normal 12 hour process. The brewer comes with a glass carafe, transparent cover, silicone mat, a fine steel mesh filter and a stirring stick.

FrankOne is portable and includes a USB rechargeable battery that is said to last for about 150 cups of coffee. It is scheduled to ship in April 2019.

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