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Cole & Mason Introduces New Spice And Seasoning Blends


Cole & Mason is bringing several new spices and seasoning blends to the market. The new goods include organic black peppercorns, coarse sea salt and Himalayan salt, as well as blends like chipotle mango, Portuguese rotisserie, Mediterranean spice, Sriracha spice and maple ginger.

The company will also be launching a marketing campaign around the products in August. According to Cole & Mason, the campaign will consist of a kitchen sweepstakes with a main prize worth more than $1,000 in housewares products and gift cards. Additionally, the company’s influencer base will be developing recipes to share across social media platforms.

“This initiative embodies our appetite as foodies to explore new flavors and inspire our fans to think outside of the box when cooking. It’s a great opportunity to see just how creative recipes can be across a diverse range of global cuisine. We’re eager to see what people create with our products and then try them out ourselves,” said Kevin Whalen, marketing director at Cole & Mason.

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