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Cole & Mason Adds Oil/Vinegar Flow Control Range


DKB Household recently introduced the Cole & Mason Oil & Vinegar Flow Control Range. The new collection of sculptural pourers hold both oil and vinegar in one glass container.

DKB stated that the Cole & Mason pourer includes a quadruple rib seal for a secure fit, and has a 12.5 fl oz. capacity. The drip return system is also said to prevent drips on the bottle or surfaces. In addition, the Flow Control Oil & Vinegar bottles allow consumers to control the rate of fluid dispensing.

The bottle’s pourer includes ‘seal’, ‘drizzle’ or ‘pour’ functionality. A key feature is the ‘no mess & oil return system’. According to the company, once a consumer finishes pouring, any excess liquid flows back into the bottle and does not leave any messy residue on the exterior or around the cap. There is also a stainless-steel clog-free filter for homemade flavored oils and other condiments such as soy sauce.

Also included in the range is the Cole & Mason Duo Pourer. It has a smaller “twist” triton inner bottle inside. This allows for two ingredients to be stored together. Liquid is dispensed via the stainless-steel flow control pourer, and then the consumer can twist one way for oil or the other way for vinegar and move to the center to seal.

There is also a drip collection system which, the company said, prevents messy residue from being left around the top of the bottle or on the work
surface. The bottle has a 14 fl oz. oil capacity and the inner “twist” bottle for vinegar capacity of 1.5 fl oz.

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