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Coffee Tasting Cups Launch From Espro

Espro is on a mission to make the taste of coffee better. The company has taken notes from the wine, beer and spirits industry and is now launching a line of coffee tasting cups designed for flavor enhancement.

“Coffee lovers were asking us how they could taste the flavors listed on the bag of coffee beans,” said Bruce Constantine, co-founder and president of Espro. “Our team started by studying the wine and spirits industries, where cup designs are proven to deliver unique flavors. Then, coffee engineers spent [more than] a year studying, developing, testing and patenting the unique designs that amplify specific coffee flavors in each cup.”

These newly-launched coffee tasting cups are the only ones designed to enhance specific flavors, the company said. They are available in a variety of sizes for different espresso drinks. The cups are are available in fruity, cocoa, floral, spicy and nutty flavor enhancing designs. As for sizes, the cups are available in a 3-ounce espresso offering; 6-ounce cappuccino tasting cup; 10-ounce coffee cup; and a 12-ounce latte cup.

The tasting cups will be on display at the Inspired Home Show, set to take place in Chicago in March 2020.

The company also recently rolled out its new White Press P7. The company debuted the new coffee press to mark its 15th anniversary. It is available in both 18- and 32-ounce sizes, was designed to incorporate the white color trend that has been seen in kitchen décor in recent years.

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