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City-Sized Kitchenware Makes Statement At Tabletop Market

Mixed among the place settings and dinnerware from vendors at the fall New York Tabletop Market was a number of kitchenware lines that are designed to make a big statement with a small space living footprint.

“City-sized,” noted Nambé social media manager Laura Stagliano Perri, is a big design trend this year as vendors cater new kitchenware products to meet the needs of consumers such as Millennials moving into smaller living spaces and apartments in urban markets.

Examples from Nambé include a smaller sized Nara salad and serving bowl, a spice rack that holds only eight spices compared to its original 16-spice option, and a new line of Meridian tea kettles that not only are easier to clean and have a smaller footprint, but are also at a more affordable pricepoint than the company’s other tea kettles, with a suggested retail price of $75.

“These products still feature that signature Nambé look and feel, still have the mixed materials, but they are more practical for today’s consumer who doesn’t have space for oversized pieces,” Stagliano Perri said.

Other space-saving focused kitchenware vendors included Kavalierglass, which showcased its Simax Exclusive borosilicate glass bakeware which features inward-indented handles to save space in the cabinet. Both the base and lids of the line have flat bottoms so they can not only nest, but also be used as two separate pieces, noted Carol Wells, national sales manager, Kavalierglass.

Joseph Joseph has also focused on compact designs for some of its signature kitchenware products, like its Index Cutting Board set. New at the market was the Index Mini, a set of four compact color-coded chopping boards that measures 6- by 8.5-inches, a “city-sized” offering compared to the original Index sets that measure 15- by 10-inches.

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