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Caspari Unveils Early Fall Collection

Caspari has readied its latest collection of prints for its early Fall 2018 collection of paper goods. According to the company, the prints are inspired by art, fashion and interior design.

The latest prints include: Plantation Print, an 18th-century cotton resist print; Viennese Nouveau, artwork by Gustav Klimt, Hope II; Imperial Silk, a traditional Chinese dragon motif; Chinese Ceramic, an 18th century enameled porcelain print; Kinetic, work by artist Alexander Calder; and Poiret Floral, a fabric print by Paul Poiret.

Caspari’s new prints will be available on a wide variety of its paper textiles including paper plates, napkins, paper guest towels, die cut placemats and coasters, as well as other paper accessories.

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