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Cangshan Updates N1 Cutlery Series

Cangshan Cutlery has updated its N1 series of cutlery, renaming it the TN1 series.

The company stated that it switched the knife line from German to Swedish steel, which means the knives come out of the box sharper and will stay that way up to five times longer than comparable German steel knives. In addition, Cangshan added a satin finish to the handles to further improve a secure grip for the chef.

Last year, the company investing in better manufacturing equipment and teamed with the Swedish steel manufacturer, Sandvik, in order to enhance its line of cutlery.  The Swedish Sandvik steel is described as high-alloy, fine grained steel that can be heat treated to a hardness rating of 60+/- 2 HRC without the common issues of brittleness in the blade. This means Cangshan knives can be sharpened to a precise, keen Asian style, 16 degree angle with edge retention, explained the company.

The new TN1 series knives have a bolster-free design to accommodate a natural, firm pinch grip commonly used among cooking professionals. A distinct hollow handle ensures the all metal TN1 Series knives are balanced while the subtle curves and rounded edges of the handle create a comfortable, stable and secure grip for the user.



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