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Cangshan Cutlery Debuts X-7 Steel For Its Knives

Cangshan Cutlery has introduced its 67-layer Damascus X-7 steel for its J Series and Z Series knives.

According to the company, the X-7 steel has a Rockwell hardness of 61 that is also stain resistant without the same brittleness found in VG10 steel.

Cangshan explained that there are two tests to check the quality of the function of a knife, the Initial Cutting Performance test and the Total Card Cut test. The first test reveals how sharp the blade starts and the second test tells shows how long the blade will stay sharp. Cangshan said the new X-7 steel has consistently tested 30% higher than the comany’s VG10 steel for the Total Card Cut test.

Currently, X-7 steel is only available in the 8-inch Z Series Chef’s knife, with plans for the entire J Series of knives to be upgraded to the new steel by the end of this year.

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