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Calamityware Is Making Conversation


Founded in 2011 by retired graphic designer Don Moyer, Calamityware’s dinnerware sets are designed to be conversation pieces for at-home entertainers.

Each design is hand-sketched by Moyer and features a whimsical take on traditional porcelain dinnerware. The sets feature decorated scenes of sea monsters, giant robots, frogs, Sasquatch and more, said to encourage the lighter side of dinner conversations. The collections also include shallow bowls with a surprise fly at the bottom, and appetizer small plates with ants.

“The Calamityware series started in 2011 when I inherited a traditional, Willow-pattern plate and decided to sketch it in my notebook. I couldn’t resist the temptation to add a pterodactyl in the sky. When people saw the drawing on Flickr, several urged me to figure out a way to reproduce the image on a physical plate. My first Kickstarter project sprang from that idea,” said Moyer on the company website.

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