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Bradshaw Home Spotlights GoodCook EveryWare Food Storage

As consumers spend more time at home cooking and baking, they continue to seek solutions that keep food fresh. To support this trend, Bradshaw Home is highlighting its new GoodCook EveryWare food storage line.

The new line is designed with reusable durability, a higher capacity lid, and an easy-to-shop, color-coded package in a range of shapes and sizes, said the company.

The GoodCook EveryWare line features a cool-gray color for the lids. In addition, the lids are dome-shaped with click-and-close functionality. The “click” provides the consumer with an audible cue that the lid is securely closed, and the dome-design provides the headroom needed between the contents and lid to accommodate for expansion of liquids and foods when stored.

“GoodCook EveryWare represents our commitment to providing smart, real-life solutions to everyday needs for storing food,” said Tom Barber, svp/product development, Bradshaw Home. “For retailers, EveryWare covers all the bases from its breadth and depth, to how it merchandises, as well as coming from a brand consumers know and trust in the kitchen.”

The line is available now in multi-packs and sets in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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