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“Bon Appétit” Staff Name Favorite Kitchen Tools

Staffers at Bon Appétit magazine recently joined together to create a list of their “favorite totally non-essential yet completely indispensable tool for the kitchen.” The list includes 15 common items that the magazine said “add an extra layer of joy and comfort to [the]daily routine.”

Included on the list are Toast Pincers; a basic pair of wooden tongs used as an alternative to a metal fork to pick up hot toast from a toaster.

The Oxo Tablespoon Measuring Cups were also featured and called out for being “useful for cocktails an prepping ingredients for a recipe,” the company said.

The Norpro Original Half Spatula was also featured for its ability to scrape the last bits of something from a bowl.

The Rösle Egg Topper also earned a spot on the list for its ability to let users “eat soft boiled eggs with maximum refinement,” the company said.

Bon Appétit also highlighted the Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer for its ability to keep hands clean, pit-free result, and power lever.

One editor also included a vintage Hand-Crank Burr Grinder for its inherent meditative properties in manually crushing beans, and says the product doubles as an arm workout.

A KitchenAid Egg Slicer found a spot on the list for its foolproof method of creating perfect slices and dices of hardboiled eggs.

Jar and bottle openers were nominated for preventing hysteria in the kitchen, one editor noted.

For protein shakes, another editor included the Magic Bullet blender on the list. Taking up little counter space, the editor mentioned that they can remove the drink directly from the mixer and drink it without having to dirty an additional glass.

The Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline and Super Benriner Japanese Mandoline were additional nominees for their lack of parts, making them simple to clean, the company said.

Another kitchen tool on the list is the Oxo 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer for combining a knife and spoon in one tool.

One coffee-drinking editor nominated the Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother for making cortados and cappuccinos.

The Dualit Immersion Hand Blender also found a spot on the list for its ability to make smoothies and purees for kids.

The final item on the list was a Folding Step Stool that was simply described as ‘the most important thing in my kitchen’ by one editor.

The full list can be found on the Bon Appétit website.

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