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Bobby Flay Gives These Housewares A Thumbs Up

Celebrity chef and restauranteur, Bobby Flay, has named his favorite housewares, food products and home goods for gift-giving during the holiday season.

Flay highlighted an array of kitchenware and cookware items, including the Zassenhaus cast iron spice grinder, Staub Dutch oven and other tools and essentials for home chefs and food lovers alike.

“Made to last, this is a tool for grinding and pulverizing spices, peppers, herbs, etc. It’s great when you’re working in small quantities and don’t want to pull out your electric grinder. It’s one that permanently lives on my countertop because I use it so often,” said Flay about the spice grinder.

Frieling USA is the exclusive distributor of Zassenhaus.

According to Flay, if he had to choose once piece of cooking equipment to have in his kitchen that can cook everything, it would be a Dutch oven.

“I’m particularly fond of the Staub USA enamel coated cast iron 7-quart round cocotte. And it will last for generations,” Flay wrote on his Facebook page.

Other housewares that made his holiday gift-guide include:

  • OXO’s kale and herb comb
  • John Boos & Co. butcher blocks and cutting boards
  • Vinglacé bottle coolers and glasses
  • KitchenAid’s artisan tilt-head mixer

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