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Betty Bossi Readies Deco Cream Whipper

Betty Bossi has readied its Deco Cream Whipper, designed for whipping cream and creating fancy whipped cream decorations. The company said it will begin shipping later this month.

According to the company, the new tool can be filled with cream and then the cream is whipped by pulling the handle up and down. Once cream is whipped, the base is removed and the handle is turned counter-clockwise as the tip of the Deco Cream Whipper is pointed towards the food or beverage of choice, such as hot chocolate or pie.

The full-color product insert tempts the taste buds with 10 easy recipes, including 3-ingredient recipes for Whipped Chocolate Cream, Lemon Cream, Mocha Cream and Vanilla Cream. Recipes for Poppy Lemon Curd Cookies and Pear Chocolate Muffins incorporate flavored whipped cream into spectacular baked goods.

On the savory side, Betty Bossi suggests Saffron Cream for chicken or beef, Curry Cream for tomato soup or fish, Herb Cream for pumpkin soup or pork, and Party Cream with tomato sauce to accompany fresh crudités.

“Betty Bossi is known for two things, new product innovation and culinary creativity. They are not just a great housewares company – they’re also long-time publishers of cooking publications and cookbooks. Both sides of the business come together in the Deco Cream Whipper and other products, with super recipes and mouth-watering photography to help make the sale,” said Steve White, North American consultant for Betty Bossi.

The base of the Deco Cream Whipper can be used as a lid that allows the user to store it in the refrigerator filled with cream. The handle stays clean during use. The Deco Cream Whipper is dishwasher safe.

The Betty Bossi Deco Cream Whipper has a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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