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Betty Bossi Launches ‘Meat & Potatoes’ Kitchenware

Betty Bossi has launched its Meat & Potatoes collection of kitchen gadgets. The new collection is designed for preparing various meat and potato recipes.

The new Betty Bossi Potato Ricer is designed as a 2-in-1 tool that peels and mashes simultaneously. The tool comes with a variety of mashed potatoes. It has a suggested retail price $34.99.

The Betty Bossi Filled Meatball Maker Set is designed to make round meatballs, in large (2.5 in.) or small (1.5 in.)sizes. The filling is designed to be centered and won’t leak. The tool can also be used for preparing rounds ball of falafel or vegetarian or vegan balls. The Filled Meatball Maker Set, which comes with the large and small, has a suggested retail price of $19.99. The small size is also sold separately for $9.99.

The Potato Ricer and Filled Meatball Maker Set are dishwasher safe for everyday convenience.

The Betty Bossi Meat & Potatoes collection is available for shipment this month.

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