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Better Homes & Gardens’ Survey Reveals Millennial Food Preferences

The Better Homes & Gardens’ Food Factor 2018 nationwide survey conducted among U.S. women and conducted by Meredith Corporation’s flagship lifestyle, home and food brand Better Homes & Gardens, has revealed what Millennial women are demanding when it comes to their food and flavor preferences.

According to the survey, the overarching finding for 2018 is that women, specifically Millennial women, are more interested than ever in global flavors and foods. However, while their palettes are wide-ranging and international, there is an increased focus on sourcing ingredients locally, including their own backyards. Entertaining and eating at home is also on the rise, reinforcing the idea that local and intimate are important. Millennials want a connection to their food and to be involved in every step of the food journey – from plant to plate.

Additionally, the survey released several important facts about Millennial women and their habits when it comes to cooking at home. According to the survey, 93% of Millennials try a new recipe every month, while 77% of Millennials responded that they have an interest in trying new foods.

And the survey showed that new flavors are always welcome in the kitchen as 80% of Millennials responded that they like to cook new regional or ethnic foods and 40% of Millennials are cooking more regional and ethnic dishes than they were two years ago.

Shopping locally for food and growing their own food at home is also important to Millennials, the survey pointed out. The survey found that 55% of Millennials are eating more locally grown or produced foods compared to two years ago and 32% of Millennials have grown fruits, veggies or herbs in the past 12 months.

When it comes to dining out, the survey found the local mindset Millennials have when it comes to shopping and growing their own food extends to where they are doing the cooking and entertaining, as well. Staying local and intimate with friends matters to Millennials, as 62% of the surveyed group are eating at home more compared to two years ago, with 93% reporting that they eat dinner at home at least four nights a week.

When it comes to entertaining, 93% of Millennials love to entertain friends and family at their homes, hosting a get together an average of every seven weeks. And 86% of those surveyed said that entertaining at home is fun and better than meeting friends out.


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