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Beatriz Ball Expands Metalware At Summer Markets

Beatriz Ball will launch several new metalware collections at the summer 2020 trade shows in Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas.

According to the company, it has developed a new proprietary production technique and is now able to make metal alloy items in a unique gold tone finish.

Sierra Modern is a collection of finely detailed gold tone products. It includes both decorative photo frames and elegant serving items like bowls, serving trays and platters.

“We have again re-invented metalware, with the coolest pieces, coolest textures and coolest colors”, said Beatriz Ball, founder. “Sexy, modern, jaw droppingly gorgeous and on trend.”

New in the brand’s classic metal alloy collection is the Devon shape. The Devon designs include ice buckets, bowls and a wine bottle coaster. New are also several Croc metal barware items which work perfectly with the new Croc glasses for an integrated barware story. The company is also rolling out several new glassware collections at the summer shows.

“We understand that many are on the fence about coming to the summer trade shows and we completely understand these decisions”, said Ball. “However, we have the most exciting new collections that we wish people could see in person.”

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