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While a small segment of products in the independent gourmet housewares channel, barware is one that continues to pique the interest of consumers.

According to State Of The Industry respondents, 21.4% will be looking to grow their barware selection in 2020, while 73.8% will keep their barware program the same. Only 4.8% said they would be looking to cut back on barware offerings in 2020.

And, according to the growth in dollar sales, the category is one that is worthy of an investment. As the home entertaining trend, social media and the restaurant industry continues to influence consumers, barware saw a 5.2% boost in sales from 2018 to 2019.

Classic barware continues to drive sales in this category, but the hunt for more sophisticated goods has helped grow the segment. Higher-priced items, like smoking boxes and cloches, have penetrated the industry and has added to the increased dollar sales. Additionally, consumers are looking for unique, handcrafted barware items that are both functional and design-forward. Flavor preservation, too, has become top-of-mind for consumers in the barware segment, and many have made the investment in cutting-edge tools that allow them to keep their beer, wine, bitters or shrubs fresher for longer.

Barware continues to move into cooking classes, demonstrations and workshops in the independent gourmet housewares segment. Many retailers host cocktailing classes, tasting seminars or add a wine/beer/cocktail pairing component to cooking classes. This gives retailers yet another opportunity to showcase the barware category, as well as boost recognition for complementary categories like glassware and kitchen tools.

Barware is not only functional, but it continues to find a home as a display piece. Consumers are still looking to create stylish bar carts in their home that show off a sophisticated taste in spirits, wine and beer. Barware purchases are made to help accessorize these carts and are often changed out depending on occasion and seasonality.

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