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According to respondents of the GOURMET INSIDER® State Of The Industry survey, bakeware continues to be on the rise. Sales in the category saw an increase of 3.4% year-over-year, from $38.1 million to $39.4 million. These increases can be attributed towards the continued innovation of goods that have hit the market throughout the year, as well as the consumer’s continued use of bakeware to create savory dishes.

As for materials, metal is still king, but silicone continues to grow. This is due to the increasing amount of reinforced goods that are entering the market, which give silicone a sturdy structure. Additionally, consumers continue to favor the non-stick properties of silicone bakeware, especially when used for savory foods. Non-stick coatings and/or properties have proven important when it comes to deciding to make a bakeware purchase or not.

Throughout the past few years, consumers have demanded quality or durability in their bakeware purchases. Now, the consumer view has shifted a bit. Consumers want goods that are both high-quality and durable, however, they perceive these goods as “value” products. The bakeware consumer is looking for products that are reasonably priced and will not need to be replaced often, giving them a higher value. Those looking to make a bakeware purchase in the next year will be prepared to spend more for a piece that will last longer in their kitchen.

Specialty bakeware pieces, such as bundt and loaf pans, cookie stamps and specialty cookie and cake molds, will continue to grow through the next year. Influenced by social media — especially photo-driven sites like Instagram — consumers will be looking to create complicated and intricate looking baked goods but without the time investment.

The bakeware segment looks promising going into 2020 as well. Of those retailers who responded, 14.3% said they would be looking to grow bakeware, while 85.7% said they would keep the same amount of inventory. No respondent said they would be scaling back on the segment going into the next year.

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