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Bakeware has been a bright spot with the independent gourmet channel as the flexibility of use and product durability have been hot points with consumers this year.

In 2017, bakeware jumped 4.2% in sales to $37.6 million. In addition, retailers that completed the annual State Of The Industry survey have also been allotting more room in their stores for the goods. While a majority of retailers ranked bakeware third in allocated space for the second consecutive year, it jumped from 22% to 28% of floor space.

When it comes to bakeware, retailers recently told GOURMET INSIDER® that food trends are heavily influencing the category. Donuts and breads have been trending amongst consumers, while staples like jelly roll pans and cookie sheets have emerged as cooking vessels for the one-pan meal trend that continues to thrive.

Social media also continues to drive sales of bakeware as consumers curate ideas on sites such as Instagram and Pinterest and execute them in their home kitchens. Specialty bakeware, like bundt and mold pans, have allowed home bakers to get results worth sharing without having to sacrifice time.

In addition, consumers have been concerned with durability of bakeware items and manufacturers have headed the call. New commercial style bakeware for the home hit the market in 2017, which made consumers more inclined to spend money on products in the category.

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