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KitchenWares By Blackstones Adds Customer Referral Program

In a time where competition is steep and there are “influencers” everywhere, ranging from bloggers to Instagram personalities, KitchenWares By Blackstones is going back to the basics. The independent gourmet housewares retailer, located in the heart of Boston, MA, is making its customers its best advocates by implementing a customer referral program, explained Jennifer Hill, owner, KitchenWares By Blackstones.

“We decided to start our own customer referral program in order to reach more people,” Hill explained.

The idea came to her and husband James Hill when they were evaluating the current boom of internet influencers. She explained that instead of starting a program with them, which could have included payment or product donations, the duo decided to go the old-fashioned route and use the resources that they already had – their customers.

According to Hill, when customers make a purchase, they receive the referral cards. The cards have the customer’s name on it and a discount. When a new customer comes into the store with the previous customer’s card, it is noted in the store’s database. The only requirement for the discount is that the referral card comes from a new customer, not an existing one, which is checked against the store’s customer database.

“We just started it this week and people seem¬†pleased to be getting them,” she said. She also explained that those in the culinary world – restaurant chefs and culinary students – have also been excited to get the cards since, most of the time, they need to supply their own housewares.

“We give the cards out at the counter and when we return knives to our customers after sharpening. The goal here is just to expand our reach,” she said.


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