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AvoSeedo To Open Booth At Las Vegas Market

As more consumers look to Avocados for a source of healthy eating, the market for tools to prep avocados is gaining steam. AvoSeedo, a new kitchen tool that got its start on KickStarter, is one of those gadgets. It is designed to help consumers raise the success rate when it comes to at-home avocado germination, and based on the¬†company’s KickStarter success, it will be opening a booth at the Las Vegas winter market.

Made of ABS plastic, the AvoSeedo works by placing an avocado pit into the AvoSeedo, then placing the gadget into a bowl of water. The pit should start germinating within one to three months, the company noted.

The AvoSeedo is available in two retail package, a one-pack for $8 and a three-pack for a suggested retail price of $20.

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