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Ary Inc. Introduces New Vac Sealers ‘Most Comprehensive’ Line Of Bags

For the International Home + Housewares Show, Ary Inc., expanded its VacMaster line of vacuum sealers to encompass a broader range of functionalities and pricepoints as well as introducing what it termed the “most comprehensive” assortment of sealer bags on the market.
The company also introduced a new line of unique Kapoosh sanitary bins. The new bin line features a UV light built into the lid that sanitizes and deodorizes. Once the bin is turned on the UV lamp lights up each time the lid closes, releasing ozone. This process is said to eliminate odor and microorganisms and lasts for five minutes. The process repeats itself every 60 minutes while the lid is not opened. An LED indicator light turns on during sterilizing, off when in stand-by mode and blinks when the battery needs recharging. A separate indicator will buzz for 10 seconds when the lid does not close properly.
The company also expanded its Kapoosh line of knife blocks with several new styles, sizes and colors.

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