Artisan Books Evolves Approach For Gourmet Storeowners


Artisan Books, a cookbook publisher, has released a new line of books titled Artisanal Kitchen designed to appeal to new retailers such as gourmet storeowners, according to a report in Publisher’s Weekly.

In the report, Artisan publisher and editorial director, Lia Ronnen, said higher price point cookbooks have limited shelf space in today’s gourmet stores due to competition from online retail channels. The new line of cookbooks carry a modest price point of $12.95, she said, and feature authors with specific and relatable points of view, “paired with exceptional photography and exceptional production value.”

The line currently includes three books, Perfect Pizza at HomePerfect Pasta and Vegetables the Italian Way, each less than 100 pages. In the report, Ronnen said she sees the books as impulse buys that are less generic and more sophisticated than other recipe guides storeowners might place near the cash register. For example, if a store is selling pizza stones, Perfect Pizza at Home would be merchandised along with those items.

According to the report, Artisan will publish three more Artisanal Kitchen line titles — Holiday CookiesHoliday Cocktails and Party Food by Susan Spungen — in the fall, and plans to continue the series.

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