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Art Mart Of Illinois Plans Move To Expanded Location

Currently located in Urbana, IL, Art Mart will be moving its operations to a larger location in Champaign, IL.

Planned to open in the fall, the expanded store will be located on Prospect Avenue in Champaign, a residential area.

“We felt like it was in the middle of Champaign-Urbana as opposed to in Champaign or in Urbana. It’s easy to get to from all locations and it’s in a neighborhood which we really want to be so people with homes can walk,” owner Brian McKay told

In business for 50 years, Art Mart sells housewares, toys, clothing and other gifts. The expanded space will feature a seating area and a tasting room.

“We will still have our entire merchandise mix at the new store, and the additional space will allow us to increase our department sizes and services. There will be an even greater selection of international and craft cheeses, charcuterie, deli, comestibles, and chocolates,” said Art Mart on its Facebook page.  “We would especially like to acknowledge our many friends and loyal customers from Urbana, those who work nearby and who have played an enormous role in making Art Mart what it is.”

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