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Zavor Named Tops By America’s Test Kitchen

Zavor has announced that its LUX LCD Multi-Cooker has been named tops by America’s Test Kitchen. According to the company, America’s Test Kitchen tested the product twice: When it first hit the market and then again after it received several technological updates. The cooking brand stated the updates made the item, “easier to use.”

According to America’s Test Kitchen, the LUX LCD stood out in every category. The pressure cook and slow cook functions produced even, properly cooked food within recipe time frames. The rice cooking functions produced tender, evenly cooked grains for both white and brown rice. The LUX LCD sautéed quickly and browned deeply and evenly.

Additionally, America’s Test Kitchen named the brand’s original LUX Multi-Cooker as second in the category.

Suggested retail price for the 4-quart LUX LCD Multi-Cooker is $149.95; the 6-quart is $179.95; and the 8-quart is $199.95.

See the methodology and more information about the America’s Test Kitchen testing here.

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