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‘America’s Test Kitchen’ Host Kimball Talks Gadgets

“America’s Test Kitchen” and Cook’s Illustrated host Christopher Kimball was a guest on the “Rachael Ray Show” on April 20 and participated in a segment titled ‘Five Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets.’ In the segment, Kimball highlighted his top five kitchen gadgets that will “save your life in the kitchen,” the show said.

The first item featured was the Baking Steel, which Kimball demonstrated by cooking a pizza, and advising the audience to place the steel towards the top of the oven to ensure both the top and bottom of the pizza are cooked through. The suggested retail price noted by Kimball was $70.

The second gadget Kimball recommended is the Rosle Egg Topper. For $20, Kimball said, users can remove the tops of eggs without any trace of shell; ideal of soft-boiled eggs, which were demonstrated on the show.

An Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer from the R.N. Witmer Company was third in the lineup. Ideal for all natural peanut butter, or any other nut butters where the oils separate, the tools screws onto the lid of a jar and stirs the contents with no mess, he said. The tool has a suggested retail price of $10.

The KitchenArt Adjust-A-Cup Measuring Cup was fourth in line and was used in a demonstration for measuring peanut butter. For $15, Ray described it as “cheap, cheerful, and it does its job,” she said.

The final featured item is the CM scrubber for $20 that was demonstrated as a cleaner for cast iron pans. The scrubber was designed to clean without removing the finish, Kimball pointed out.

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