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American Skillet Company Announces Ohio Pan Pre-Order

American Skillet Company, manufacturer of cast iron pans that depict several states in the U.S., has announced that Ohio has been selected for pre-order after a surge of votes stemming from the company’s segment on “ABC World News Tonight with David Muir.”

The Ohio pan was chosen by voters, who logged on to the company’s website to pick the state they wanted to see as the next one manufactured. Pans need to garner at least 500 votes before moving into the next round of production, the company noted.

Getting 536 votes, the pan has now qualified for the first stage of production logistics: Raising capital through a pre-order campaign. American Skillet Company noted that only after receiving 300 pre-orders for skillets will it go into full production.

The company explained that the pre-order campaign offers loyal voters who have signed up and stayed on the list for that state, a special exclusive discount for ordering the skillet during our pre-order campaign.

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