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Alessi Debuts Plissé Electric Water Kettle

Alessi has debuted the Plissé electric water kettle designed by Michele De Lucchi.

According to the brand the name of the kettle describes the sculptural nature of its design like a fabric where a thick pleating transforms into a three-dimensional shape, this kettle is reminiscent of haute couture.

Plissé is made of thermoplastic resin and combines De Lucchi’s architectural background with his passion for handicraft and sculpture. The knob on the lid makes for easy opening and the lever switch on the side turns the kettle on and off.

The power supply base is hidden in the bottom of the kettle body, there is a small opening from which the cable pulls out. Once boiling point is reached, the kettle switches off automatically and the switch returns to its original position. To switch off the kettle before the water begins to boil, simply remove it from the power supply base: the heating process will stop and the switch will return to its original position.

Inside the spout, a filter collects any limestone particles formed inside the kettle. The filter can be removed, rinsed under running water and placed back in the spout.

A safety device cuts off the power supply if there is too little or no water in the kettle, avoiding possible damage. The handle is designed for comfortable, firm grip. The shape of the spout facilitates pouring and the base of the kettle is thermally insulated, so even once the water has reached boiling point, it can be placed safely on any surface.

Plissé will be available in early 2020 and in matte black.

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