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AJ’s Kitchen Drawer Featured On Local News


AJ’s Kitchen Drawer, a Tampa, FL-based independent gourmet housewares retailer, was recently highlighted by local news outlet, FOX 13.

Host Charley Belcher spent some time in the store and interviewed owner A.J. Albrecht.

“It’s a gourmet store for everyone,” Albrecht said. “If you’re into cooking or even just enjoying food at all, we have something here for you.”

The store prides itself on having unique kitchen accessories, custom engraved and handcrafted woodwork, knives, knife sharpening, candles and more, according to its website. Additionally, AJ’s Kitchen Drawer offers an array of cooking classes for all skill levels, including regional cuisines, special cooking techniques, the food trends and cooking for special occasions.

For the full clip, click here.

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