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A Cook’s Companion To Close

Brooklyn Heights, NY-based A Cook’s Companion is closing its doors.

Owner Jennifer Baron noted that the desire to travel more and to spend more time with family was an influence on her decision to close the store, according to

“We are proud to have contributed to the vibrancy and growth of the neighborhood and we are now ready for another challenge,” read a sign on the store’s window.

A Cook’s Companion is set to shutter sometime in mid-February, Baron said.

Baron was named a 2017 GOURMET INSIDER® All-Star and the store celebrated its 20th anniversary in October.

Baron said that no matter how successful the store had become, it is the groundwork she laid from the beginning that continues to allow her to reap the benefits. The key ingredient to her successful recipe has been visibility to her staff and her customers, she said.

“Success depends on face time,” she explained. “You have to be in your store and you have to be on the floor. We see people come and go right on this block because the owner is never there. As the owner, the customers want to see you and they want you to be present.”

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