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Riedel’s Bringing Vintage Back

Riedel has brought four revamped vintage glassware shapes with elaborate designs to its new Riedel Bar Collection: Fire, Optical O, Louis and Spey.

According to the company, the Fire glass has long vertical ridges stretching the length of the glass, refracting light into cocktails in a longdrink or fine spirits in a tumbler. Resembling Riedel’s “O” line, the Optical O glasses utilize a centuries-old Venetian glass-blowing technique to create ribbed curves. Louis tumblers have architectural relief cuts, made by cuts into the crystal, to create a masculine design. Spey is the most traditional of the new lines, taking a cue from classic midcentury designs.

The glassware is available in tumbler and longdrink styles, and carry a suggested retail price of $29.50 for a set of two.

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